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Be warned that it's difficult if not impossible to rescue everyone, but everyone that you rescue will give you some free experience points and influence.Your character will call out when there is no one left to rescue, so you'll want to head to the chantry at that point.

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If you are a ranged attacker, you can easily outrun him if he focuses on you, allowing someone else to take over revival duties.Otherwise, attack him with as much power as you've got.He does have a high magic defense, so mages will be only so effective, but even the slightest damage is better than nothing. Once you have fully aimed it, you'll have an extended cut scene.He generally arrives with friends, so kill the demons around you first. If you are operating as a tank, you should taunt Denam while everyone else works on killing the minions.If you are any other class or filling a different warrior role, concentrate on attacking the minions first.The next phase of the mission returns you to the gates of Haven.

A supply box sits in front of the blacksmith's shop, so heal and refresh your potions before proceeding.

You'll also fight the side chose against, either the templars or the mages.

However, either way, the objectives don't change: you're under attack, and you must hold a trebuchet and capture another one. Area attacks are incredibly useful given how many enemies you'll be facing down.

When you gain control of your character again, the quest will resolve.

I 0 I • 339-392 ^Herring Gull taxonomy Recording areas of Great Britain TRi MG U ISSN 0007-0335 British Birds Established 1907, incorporating The Zoologist, established 1843 Published by BB 2000 Limited, trading as ‘British Birds’ Registered Office: 4 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London WC2E 8SF British Birds is owned and published by BB 2000 Limited, the directors of which are John Eyre (Chairman), Jeremy Greenwood, Ian Packer, Adrian Pitches, Richard Porter and Bob Scott. Lassen sich Silber-, Weisskopf- und Heringsmowe ( Larus argentatus. A full version, which contains more details, especially with regard to historical boundary changes, county and local reports and maritime problems, is available as a pdf at 364 © British Birds 101 • July 2008 • 364-375 Recording areas of Great Britain c differ from those currently determined by Gov- ernment.

The next time you have control of your character, they will be in a cave.