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“That’s the power of the movies,” says Padukone, 31, who has a Kardashian-esque social following (17.1 million on Twitter, 33 million on Facebook).

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“With Deepika Padukone' s leading act in the film and Vin Diesel’s successful India visit, Viacom18 Motion Pictures has ensured India remains one of the priority markets for Hollywood movies,” Viacom18 Motion Pictures COO Ajit Andhare said in a statement. Deepika Padukone's Hollywood debut x Xx: The Return Of Xander Cage has failed to endear itself to the American box office despite the presence of Vin Diesel, who plays the lead role of Xander Cage.x Xx 3 has charted at the second spot behind M Night Shyamalan's Split, making an estimated $20 million in its first weekend, according to international box office tracker Exhibitor Relations. Its stated budget is $85 million, reports Exhibitor Relations, which is multifold times more than Split's $5 million making cost."I use it to my advantage sometimes.” annual top-10 list, which also included Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston. A veteran of several song-and-dance numbers in movies, Padukone understands the hype for the Oscar-contending crowd-pleaser.She earned $10 million in 2016, including endorsements with Tissot, Nike and Coke, and has succeeded in Bollywood, which like Hollywood also has a large gender pay gap. Yes, of course I fight for it,” Padukone says about pay equality. “There’s so much of that movie that works: the acting, the honesty, the songs.The bad guys, led by Serena (Deepika Padukone), Xiang (Donnie Yen), and Talon (a wasted Tony Jaa) have stolen something that can weaponize satellites.

Soon enough, they make things personal for our Creatine-gobbling hero.

“Being physically fit is a huge part of my life,” she says.

That said, she’s still dangerous with a racquet and a shuttlecock: Like riding a bicycle, "you’re not going to forget it," Padukone adds of her former sport.

Toni Collette, who is way too good for this crap, also shows up as Agent Marke, another suit barking orders at Cage. Caruso shoots the action so incoherently that you don't know where you are and who's getting hit.

The Australian actress must be wondering how she went from being nominated for Oscars and Emmys to starring in this toxic fluffball. The great Yen, so stellar in Rogue One, brings some Hong Kong flash to his scenes, which only makes you wish he'd starred in this movie and not Diesel, who steps into every scene looking for stuff to bust up.

She’s recruited to join Cage’s posse of thrill-seekers working to keep a deadly rival (Donnie Yen) from snagging a weapon that can control military a gun battle alongside co-star Ruby Rose that was choreographed like a ballet dance.