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Sweet dee is dating a retarded person quotes

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During the fight, Sean shoves Emma when she tries to stop it and she walks away surprised. Yorke, who'd noticed Toby had been swooning over Emma the entire year, invites Sean to come over and hang out to teach Toby how to be bad. reveals that he has bought ecstasy from his cousin.

She believes she threw the wallet out, along with her food tray.She tells Sean that everyone expects her to be the good girl and him to be the bad guy.Their vulnerabilities catch up with them and Ashley starts kissing Sean.Emma saves Sean by asking him to dance, just before Principal Raditch would have seen him. In Basketball Diaries, Sean's social worker suggests he join the basketball team. He grows afraid of being cut from the team over Sean, and takes drastic measures to look better than him.Jimmy takes his friend Spinner's Ritalin, even though he doesn't have ADHD. Jimmy then fouls Sean on purpose and gets cut from the team.He begins to study with Emma, who finds out why he left Wasaga Beach.

After the MI exam, Sean thinks he failed it and will fail at everything.

They don't when Sean realizes that Ashley is more concerned what others think than doing what she wants to.

The Sean and Emma relationship is sparked again leading up to the wedding between Spike and Snake.

Sean searches in the trash can and finds nothing; it turns out Emma had it in her pocket the whole time.

In Under Pressure, with exams near, Sean gets nervous for the media immersion exam.

When they reach the restaurant, Emma gets nervous and won't stop talking.