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Importantly, this measure allows a quantification of social capacities that are normally distributed in the general population.Men with this syndrome have an extra X chromosome, giving rise to the XXY chromosomal pattern.This sex chromosomal aneuploidy results in a variety of phenotypes including hypogonadism, androgen deficiency and infertility (Lanfranco et al. Cognitive and behavioral dysfunctions in Klinefelter syndrome have generally been under-appreciated relative to endocrinological and physical features.Klinefelter syndrome might serve as a model for studying a role of the X chromosome in social behavioral dysfunction and autism-like behavior.Klinefelter syndrome affects approximately 1 in 700 men and is the most commom sex chromosomal disorder.Although Klinefelter syndrome (47, XXY) has been associated with psychosocial difficulties, knowledge of the social behavioral phenotype is limited.

We examined specific social abilities and autism traits in Klinefelter syndrome.

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