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The fresh air and cold droplets of water on her bare skin relaxed Hinata and only seemed to encourage more dancing. Tsunade sent Shizune off to retrieve Naruto at once. You certainly would become a lot more popular…"Naruto's eyes twinkled with determination. Then becoming the Hokage would be a walk in the park. But she had always imagined getting married when she was older. Naruto and Hinata walked into the grand house and gaped at the amazing furniture.

Then, Hinata looked down and realized she was still naked. She decided to keep herself busy by focusing on getting dressed. Naruto looked over and suddenly his face burst into a deep crimson. She walked Hiashi over to Tsunade's desk and then left the room."You wanted to see me, Lord Hokage? If this situation wasn't handled correctly there would be a big fuss in his clan. But what you don't know is that the Hyuuga family has an ancient tradition. It wasn't very long before Hinata was washing the day's sweat off in the refreshing water. If word gets out that a boy who is not your husband saw you naked, the Hyuuga family will be disowned.""S-So I h-have to m-marry Naruto? You are the heiress to the Hyuuga name and you must protect its honor."Hinata gulped. I'm going to take you two to your new house.""New house? She shook the thought of having kids with Naruto out of her head. Several minutes later, they arrived at a very luxurious house just behind the Hyuuga complex.The water felt so good and so rejuvenating that Hinata decided to dance. She couldn't even imagine the lecture she was about to get."Do you plan on marrying him? She could have traveled back in time a week and told her past self that in a week Naruto would see her naked and become her husband, she would have told herself that she was crazy. How could Hinata marry when Naruto when she could hardly even talk to him without passing out."Uh… He should know about this as well." Tsunade said breaking the long silence. Becoming a successful leader of the Hyuuga clan is one more step closer to becoming the Hokage. She had to admit that marrying Naruto was a dream come true. Hiashi had obviously under-exaggerated the size of the house. Hiashi opened the huge doors and then handed the key to Naruto. You must have a lot to talk about." Hiashi then turned and left.Naruto sees Hinata naked at the waterfall and thanks to an ancient Hyuuga tradition, the two now must become married. This story is going to be much more humorous and blue-humor oriented.Can they find love, or will this forced marriage drive them even further apart? Like love-hina or ranma ½ so I hope you all enjoy the change in style. Naruto was stretched over sideways laying over the top of Shino and Kiba, snoring very loudly. Suddenly, Kiba rolled over slinging his arm over his body and hitting Naruto square in the nose. He wiped his stinging nose and tried to go back to sleep.Then the light from the moon was able to reflect off the strand of water and light up parts of the beautiful girl's body.

It was the most amazing thing Naruto had ever seen. He took another step forward, but his foot slipped on a wet rock and Naruto plummeted into the water. Her father's relentless torment and emotional abuse had made her afraid to even speak.

Still, her ability to function properly in social circumstances had begun to increase after her fight with Neji in the Chunin exams.

Seeing Naruto's will and determination and having him cheer for her had given the courage to change.

Hinata screamed and lost her balance, and fell towards the direction of the sudden noises. And somebody grab Hinata…"Much much later, the group arrived at the village with Naruto carrying Hinata on his back. Moments later, Naruto was knocking on Tsunade's door."Enter." Tsunade said from behind the door. And Hinata is having trouble coping with the situation."Tsunade sighed. They left the room, leaving Hinata slumped in her chair."Shizune! " Shizune said as she stuck her around out from behind the door."I need you to get Hiashi for me. He was eating ramen and refused to come along with me. Then, when Hinata comes of age, you and her will become the leaders of the clan."Naruto was stunned. And if possible, it looked bigger on the inside than it did from the outside! There was a lot of fluff in this chapter and I plan to keep it that way but Naruto and Hinata wont become romantically involved for a long time. And remember if you haven't read my other story, Sunflowers, please go to my profile and read it.

Hinata pulled the wet hair out of her eyes and looked up into clear blue eyes."Naru-…? They all walked through the door and Naruto set Hinata down in a nearby chair."I'm sorry, Tsunade. It took Shino several minutes to explain the situation. Tell him to meet me here immediately.""Yes, Ma'm." Shizune bowed and left the room. You're right." Tsunade said as she walked over to Hinata to wake her up. Come on now, we need to talk to about something."Hinata sat up forward in her chair, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. So I was forced to take drastic measures."Tsunade glared at Naruto and he gave her a sheepish grin. You may untie him now."Shizune removed the ropes and once Naruto was free, she left the room."Listen, Naruto. But you did see Hinata at the waterfall last night right? He looked over at Hinata who also had a deep blush on her face. Naruto looked around the spacious house and then grinned at Hinata."Look at all this room! Also make sure to add this story to your alerts as I do not know when I can post the next chapter.

She let out another piercing scream and jumped behind a nearby rock. " Kiba yelled as Shino dragged him off towards their campground. Naruto seeing her like this was bad enough, but Shino and Kiba? It was several moments later before Naruto found the courage to speak. She was just so beautiful I couldn't help myself from getting closer."Hinata suddenly couldn't breathe. There was a pink lacey set of panties lying on the bank. Women are only allowed to be seen naked by their husbands."Naruto gulped loudly and Hinata's blush grew deeper. But I-I…."Tsunade held up her hand to silence Naruto. But this rule cannot be broken so in order to protect the Hyuuga name, you two must get married."Naruto's jaw hit the floor.