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Outlook 2016 resource calendar not updating

When someone sends them a new message then it will not become visible until they click the Inbox. "Pegasus (MVP)" I am having the same exact problem here, for one of my users, they were on 2000 outlook, i upgraded and removed profile and added it back after installing 2003 and it worked fine.

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When you start Outlook, it checks Google Calendar for updates and downloads any changes.I had then tried to remove and add the profile, no changes. -- rboklewski ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------ rboklewski's Profile: I then uninstalled 2003 and ran the setup again and chose complete install and everything was fine except for the outbox not updating until that folder or another folder or any email message is clicked on. Im suprised nobody else has seen this problem -- rboklewski ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------ rboklewski's Profile: If you attach a document, contact, or other item to a calendar event in Outlook, you'll see the attachment in your own Outlook calendar, but other attendees won't see it in theirs.This is because attachments aren't synchronized with other people's Google calendars.-- rboklewski ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------ rboklewski's Profile: t=1230908 Posted from - also have 1 other user like this, have no clue what it might be.

-- rboklewski ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------ rboklewski's Profile: t=1230908 Posted from - the problem by updating to outlook 2003, but the only thing is the outbox is not updating until something is clicked on, but i can live with that, because messages are still being sent. It was still doing it when i chose upgrade, when i ran the 2003 setup. I would turn off 'cached mode' for affected uses to see if this alleviates problem.

Or delete them from your Gmail web interface, which doesn't send a message to the event owner.

to send the change to attendees (by closing the event window and choosing not to send), attendee calendars update anyway.

Additionally, recipients of the event invitation will receive an email with the name of the event as the subject and the attached item, yet without any RSVP options.

Deleting a calendar invitation from Outlook Mail sends the event owner an email saying you've declined the event.

When you want to schedule the resource, you can invite it to a meeting.