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that are not allowed to be sold to people without a certain license. Here are some examples of things that are not allowed: Although ID card printers and their ribbons are allowed, please keep in mind that if you sell it to a person who uses them in an illegal way you will be held legally liable due to the Specialist Printing Equipment and Materials (Offences) Act.

You may change your E-mail and your profile picture in your personal profile.Shpock works like your favourite boot sale – just easier.You can create your listing quickly by taking a picture, writing a title, a short description and setting a price. Now, Shpock users can see your listing, ask you questions, and make you a private offer.Two quick taps on the screen and you are registered via Facebook or Google. Registration with E-Mail SMS confirmation: To keep Shpock as secure as we can, we require that users registered via E-Mail also confirm her/his identity via an SMS confirmation.While registering, we'll ask you for your mobile number and will send you an SMS with a confirmation link for you to click on.If you registered with Facebook or Google, go to the login and click on “Login with Facebook” or “Login with Google”.

If you registered with your E-mail, click on the “Log in with E-mail SMS”and enter your E-mail and the password you chose when registering.

Stating a 0,- sales price on your offered product gives the impression that you want to give it away for free.

Therefore we request you to set an asking price, i.e. We want to prevent misunderstandings and increase your likelihood of selling your product.

When it comes to interactions, buying, or selling an item on Shpock, you would still need to turn on your location.

This is a safety feature that we currently require, and only shows your approximate location.

You can cancel a deal until the deal has been confirmed by you or the interested buyer.