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Also, there’s a bit of marketing psychology involved here.Mega Red Krill Oil comes in smaller capsules (300mg) than other major brands' capsules.

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That krill oil supplement is similar to the Mega Red Krill Oil composition on a percentage basis.Most clinical krill oil studies were done with 1,000 mg to 3,000 mg krill oil dose per day. The recommendation of 300 mg daily dose may be excellent marketing, but is not as solidly grounded in clinical research as a 1,000 mg dose.In one study one sub group showed some benefits from a 300 mg dose. Also, note that there is no mention of astaxanthin content on the label.These krill oil algae blends can have up to 120 times more astaxanthin than seen in Mega Red Krill Oil.***Source Naturals Arctic Pure Krill Oil label: Note here that the krill oil dose described on the Source Naturals product is two softgels, which supplies 1g (1,000mg) of the product.This Azantis krill blend contains fish oil to increase the omega 3 levels from triglycerides, while at the same time maintaining omega 3 phospholipids from krill at 42%.It's time to try Flirt – the perfect site for singles who know what they want!

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Therefore, strong astaxanthin content may be important.