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For this demo I’m using BUSH PLUS DVR H-264 Model 9308 & a Linksys Router. You can note that the Router IP address as well as Network IP address are displayed. For Windows 8 Mobiles install from the store an application called Under Devices feed in the device info like IP address , Mobile port number (34599) , User Name of DVR (admin) & its password (blank).

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However it does say that anyone having an unexpected delivery like this should ask for identification from the courier.Keep precise details to a minimum as much as possible.Apart from letting the telephone company concerned know as well as the local police, see that Action Fraud - the central crime reporting channel on actionfraud.- is also informed. Same way enter application name as DVR1 for the Mobile port enabling. ” Enter the HTTP port 80 & click on Check port button. For this open the web browser & visit This website displays your current external IP address , along with a question “What Port ?I told him the phone had already been sent back to where it came from so he had to go away empty handed.

I cannot tell you the distress and upset this has caused me, asking me to set up direct debits in my deceased husband’s name.

Now it’s time to check whether the Forwarded Ports can be seen from outside over Internet.

Once you enter the correct details, you can view your cameras connected to DVR over the Windows Mobile.e For ANDROID phones install Enter the Device info as we did for the Windows phone for a mobile view of DVR.

It is a pity though that the police were not there to apprehend him when he came.

The fact that someone comes to the door makes this scam particularly personal and unpleasant.

This happened to me but what made it worse is that the Blackberry phone was sent to my deceased husband’s name.