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Corey "Tabbas" Lindsley received a prison term of 41 months; Calvin "Zibby" Cantrell was given 24 months.The hacker gang downloaded thousands of calling cards from AT&T, Sprint and MCI to sell on the black market, according to federal prosecutors.

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Looking through confidential databases, they warned targets of FBI surveillance that their phones were being tapped. "You know how ironic that's going to be when they play those tapes in court? The FBI was listening, using a unique $70,000 prototype device that recorded every word and keystroke that moved along the phone line in Cantrell's home in Grand Prairie, Texas.Moderators can interact with the audience and remove comments when appropriate.They can also flag, block or put users in time out.But how about stories of intelligent hackers who download calling card numbers straight out of the data banks of giant phone companies in order to use or resell them, download and resell credit reports or have the ability to reroute or even take down entire telephone networks at will? A group of crackers called the Phonemasters, for example, stole tens of thousands of phone card numbers, found and called private White House telephone lines and rooted around in high-security FBI computer files in the mid-1990s. agents busted the group, the last of three ringleaders now awaits sentencing in federal court. The self-proclaimed "Gatsby" faces sentencing on March 2.But the gang behind ones of the largest hacks ever failed to see their names on one FBI list, a request to tap their lines. Jonathon Bosanac pleaded guilty to two counts of computer-related fraud in a U. Two other reputed ringleaders were sentenced in September.Some of the reported retail customers included the Sicilian Mafia.

"One of the most valuable skills is to be a phone phreaker.

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