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Dating scam check afh72y yahoo com

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Things out an run he is very smooth I have been talking to a Barry Stuart Perlman. .again I can't believe how trusting he is with me and it completely sucks me in. It says I've been block.strangely the bank link keeps bumping me over to facebook.

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He immediately contacted a friend that is a private investigator.He thinks I am a wealthy widow who travels the world giving to charity. Scammers can try to lure you in by using 3rd party software that actually uploads a pre-recorded video & projects it through skype. When I found out he wasn't real I attempted to hurt myself. We even prayed together every night and then he would sing to me.. I don't know if I'll ever get over all of this mess.. He also sang on phone to me and I still hear from him after I ended it a long time ago. But be can't leave the Oil almost in tears panicking (an Academy award act!Makes him upset that I give so much to the poor and he and his daughter are starving. They'll say "my microphone is broken," I'm going to buy a new one, and encourage you to communication via the keyboard/text messaging application.... I spent two weeks in the hospital and missed Christmas with my family. He had all kinds of photos of him and his little girl. ) I'm completely sucked in at this point and feel terrible. I spent all day yesterday doing a thorough background check...discovered catfish or romance scams..He said that they Believe that my scammer is from Nigeria. I gave him all the phone numbers I had on my scammer.Also other big clues are that they don't sound like the nationality that they say they are.Oh I think by this point I have encountered just about every scam type they pull but I have not lost a penny as there is one cardinal rule --- I will NEVER send money to anyone online. Says he is from Denmark has a Son with his Mom in Denmark. He says he works for BP..went on an assignment in Alaska to refurbish an oil rig. He looks like a gorgeous man with such a sweet honest face.

Now the new policy is if we don't meet in person for coffee and you are pumping me for everything you can to qualify me (to see how much you can con me out of ) then I rapidly am aware of their game. At this point it's almost become an olympic sport - just how many nigerians can be uncovered in a day. Once he supposingly gets to the Oil Rig he tells me the Internet was down and he needed to order pipe from China to finish his prodject. Then he said he would call his bank for the payment for the ordered mind he is romancing me the entire time ..calling me texting me that he has fallen in love and wants to marry me etc. I even did a light background check and found his Linkedin account matched his story.a Facebook account.

But they are not really live on camera, though you may be!!! He then tells me he is calling all his friends to loan him some money temporarily so he can get the shipment to complete the job and come back home to happily ever after... called his 15 linkedin contacts and no one knew him or had ever done business with him.

calls me back again that day and says he only has part of the money ...he asks me for the rest of the funds to help him out so he can come home. I did a reverse photo search on him and all kinds of things came up with his picture on several romance scam sites with different names but similar wild stories with need to wire cash.

They ask you to: Did you know you can do an image search of your love interest’s photo in your favorite search engine?

If you do an image search and the person’s photo appears under several different names, you’re probably dealing with a scammer.

The cam scam is that you see someone quickly but then the connection is lost or they don't have sound.